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WordPress Tutorial Conclusion – Rock’n’Roll To Success

Congrats, you set up a blog. You wrote a few posts and you are ready to rock’n’roll. But the question is: What if the world isn’t ready to dance with you? Doesn’t matter! In this concluding WordPress Tutorial I’ll share with you a sure way for you to rock’n’roll to blogging success.

When you start a blog, as harsh as it may sound, the world isn’t ready to dance with you. The world doesn’t even know that your blog exists. And the harshest reality is that at this moment the world doesn’t even care.

So you have 2 choices:

  1. throw in the towel and walk away
  2. or stick with it and do what it takes to make the world take notice

WordPress Tutorial Conclusion: How To Rock’n’Roll To Success

Given that you went through all the WordPress Tutorial lessons, you installed your blog, set it up and configured it, I am confident that you will choose the 2nd route and do no matter what it takes to succeed.

Not so long ago I was in your shoes. But I did not have someone like myself to tell me what to do, which steps to take, which steps to avoid, to become successful. I was frustrated, overwhelmed and thoroughly confused. I did not have a decent WordPress tutorial to follow and I’ve spent a lot of money for useless courses and products that promised me the moon but never delivered.

I honestly want your journey to be different, I don’t want you to struggle as much as I did because, if you are not as stubborn as I am, you will not last.

In this concluding WordPress tutorial, I put together a few resources that I highly recommend you get. They are the same ones that finally helped me cross the evading line of success. These resources will also help you greatly. Not only will they help you boost your confidence, overcome frustrations and disappointments, in a long run, they will also save you money!

The way I see it, you only need 4 things for blogging success besides your blog.

  1. A healthy mindset
  2. Flow of traffic to your blog
  3. A product to sell (don’t panic, you don’t have to have your own!)
  4. An autoresponder to build an email list
1. A Healthy Mindset

Millionaire's Brain adYour mindset will either make you or break you. Honestly, it is as simple as that!

Every wealthy individual, every successful blogger, every successful artist has a “successful” mindset.

Their mindset, the way they do things, the way they approach their tasks, the way they follow their heart’s desires, the way they go after their goals to achieve their successes, makes them different from the rest of the “ordinary” folks.

The mindset does not have anything to do with talent, intelligence, knowledge and such. After all, no doubt you know some talented people, some smart people and some knowledgeable people who never made it beyond ordinary.

To get you on the track of a successful mind I recommend a wonderful “training” of the mind program, Millionaire’s Brain. It will help you start thinking like the wealthy and successful people do, by helping you develop the same mindset as the wealthy and successful people have. Once your mindset is on the right track, nothing will ever stop you!

2. Traffic To Your Blog

simple traffic solutions adWithout traffic your blog does not really exist. Not online. Without traffic not only does your blog not exist, it is impossible for your blog to make any money.

As a blogger and a member the “cutthroat” Blogosphere you’ll be bombarded with a barrage of traffic courses, among others. None come as close to delivering as the course I am going to suggest.

The name of the course is Simple Traffic Solutions.

The course only teaches free traffic methods. In fact, 19 of them in total, presented in both video format and PDF format. The price of this little gem? Less than a lunch at McDonalds!

3. Having Products To Sell To Monetize Your Blog

Big Commission Blueprint I am sure as you have read this requirement you thought, “Common, Dita. What are you saying? I just started blogging, I don’t have any products!”

Well, you don’t have to. I don’t either (aside from the occasional WordPress set up for someone). Yet I make money, as you’ll get to know when you’ll read some of my articles.

The way I make money is through affiliate sales. I have taken a course by Dean Holland, called Big Commission Blueprint and when I applied what I learned, I began to make money with my blog. It is not difficult!

You will not become an overnight millionaire with this course, but you will generate steady income if you follow the course recommendations. I do. Sometimes, not always, I even make well over $1000.00 in a day. And, you have to agree, that is nothing to sneeze at, right?

4. Autoresponder – An Extra Success Resource

getresponse adOnce your blog is established and you are getting some traffic to your blog I also recommend you set up an opt-in, newsletter box on your blog. This box allows you to build a list of subscribers. These people follow your blog and in the email newsletters you send them, you may occasionally include an affiliate product offer and make money.

Creating an opt-in box and sending out emails to your potential customers is easy to carry out, as all of that is done automatically via an autoresponder service.

In my time I have only used two autoresponder services, Aweber and Getresponse. Currently my preferred autoresponder is Getresponse.

Getresponse – offers reliable service, reasonable cost and an excellent customer service in addition to an excellent deliverability. It also offers the unique option of time travel. Time travel honors the time you stipulate for delivery. For example, if you want your email delivered at 10:00 am, it will be delivered at 10:00 am your recipient’s time, not your time. Other autoresponders that I am familiar with, do not offer time travel service.

They have Free one month trial and after that, $15.00 per month per up to 1000 subscribers.

If you are serious about blogging and making money with your blog, you also need to have an opt-in box on your blog. What I suggest you do, is to sign up for the free Getresponse account now and “fool” around with it for a month.

If you’ll follow the free traffic recommendations from the Simple Traffic Solutions course I recommended, you should have at least 100 visitors per day to your blog by the end of the month. Some of these visitors will be ready to subscribe to your newsletter. By then you would have explored Getresponse well enough to create and place your opt-in box in the sidebar of your blog.

In summary:

This lesson is the last of the WordPress Tutorial series. It was my pleasure to create it. I hope you have learned a lot and are ready to take the blogging world by the horns and achieve a great success. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will try to help you as much as I am able to. Wishing you only success!


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Please note: I have an affiliate association with the companies I mention here. Should you purchase through my links I will get a small compensation by these companies. The products that I am recommending here are the same ones I use(d) myself.


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