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What Is A Niche – You Asked, The Experts Answered

For many new bloggers the terms niche, niche selection and niche blogging are pretty confusing. Most newbies don’t even know what is a niche and how does it relate to blogging. Trying to find the answer online leaves one even more confused as the views vary from marketer to marketer.

In a past article on niche blogging I defined niche simply as a focused, targetable part of a market. As an example I used weight loss as a wide market and defined “natural weight loss diets” as a niche (or niche market).

Recently I came across Eric Pangburn’s post where he looks at 25 expert opinions on the topic of what is a niche”. I found the post quite amusing  as the opinions and/or the definitions of a niche are as interesting (or not) as the bloggers/marketers are themselves.  For example:

Seth Godin explains a niche as “if it’s not mass, if it’s just for some, not all, it’s a niche.”

If you know Seth, you must agree that this confusing explanation of what a niche is, is as quirky as Seth Godin himself is.

Jim Cockrum defined a niche as: From an online marketers perspective (my perspective specifically) a”niche” is a topic, item or concept that has the potential to be an online rallying point for those with similar interests and needs related to the given topic, item or concept…

Hmmm…I am not sure I get the point and I have been blogging for a while…

Shawn Collins from says that niche is simply synonymous with a vertical or topic.

That is another “Hmmm” definition…

According to Andy Beal: A niche is an area of expertise where you focus your learning, your practicing, and your branding…

Andy Beal  gets a bit warmer by mentioning the focus, but he is still not quite clear on what is a niche.

Imagine if a blogging newbie came across these definitions of what is a niche. She’d throw in the towel…

Fortunately, some experts provide very good explanations of “what is a niche” question, specifically as it relates to blogging and internet marketing. Take for example:

Jayson DeMers from says: I like to think of a niche as a subsegment within an industry; a specific focus within a larger field. For example, SEO is a niche within the broader category of internet marketing…

My favorite explanations of what is a niche, were by Chris Brown, Founder of and by Corbet Barr, the Founder of ThinkTraffic.

Corbet Barr defines niche as a sub-section of an overall topic or market. For example, if “fitness” is the overall market, “fitness for new moms” would be a niche.

According to Chris Brown – a niche is defined as a narrow target market.  I think the word niche means small and focused.  A niche can be described by a variety of demographic, psychographic and geographic qualifiers. While some people might define your niche by the products or services you are selling, to me It is more about who you are selling to rather than what you are selling.  A very broad niche might include a whole industry: Computer users.  Automobile drivers.  Architects.   A more narrow niche might be: First time mothers of twins with a household income of over $70K.

After reading Eric’s post, I placed myself in the shoes of a newbie. As a blogging newbie, most of the explanation of what a niche is, would leave me totally confused. What a shame as some of the quotes on Eric’s post come from well known marketers and experts that many blogging newbies would hear about and subsequently seek for their expertise.

There is nothing complicated about a niche definition. Niche is a narrowly focused segment of a wide market. Ideally, if the marketer wants to make money blogging, a niche would comprise of a large enough population which is interested in the topic and is willing to spend money on products related to this segment of a wider market.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what is a niche and if you also find some weird quotes on the subject please share them.


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0 Responses to What Is A Niche – You Asked, The Experts Answered

  1. Glenn Shepherd August 30, 2013 at 4:02 am #

    Hey Dita,

    It’s important for a newbie to get to grips with the definition of a niche as it’s a word and a concept that they’ll not only come across time and again but one that they need to get their head around.

    Personally I found each of the definitions you highlighted to be perfectly understandable (except for Shawn Collins’ referral to a “vertical” – nope, sorry, you lost me on that one, Shawn!) but then I was well acquainted with the word and its definition long before starting in IM. Either that or it just reflects my weirdness! :-p

    I would define a niche this way: it is, quite simply, a more specific area of a given subject. For example, music is a broad subject. Composition is a more specific area. Then you can have sub-niches, ie even more specific areas within the niche.

    People are often said to have ‘found their niche’, in other words, they have found a given area of speciality where they slot in and give specific, focused attention according to that narrow field of interest or expertise.

    Hopefully I haven’t just made things even more confusing! lol!

    Glenn 🙂
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    • Dita Irvine August 30, 2013 at 10:40 am #

      Hey Glenn,

      You never make make anything confusing! Of course, when one has experience in IM and blogging in general, the definitions are much easier to comprehend. The most important thing is that whenever we are explaining something we have to bear in mind who we are talking to.

      All the best,


  2. John Gibb August 29, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    hi Dita

    I’ve been niche blogging (writing and outsourcing product reviews) for many years, almost a decade… my definition of a niche is this:

    Your toy, your passion, your ultimate dream… plain and simple.

    For example, if training bull terriers is your passion or maybe job (and you like it like nothing else), then that’s your niche… 🙂

    If any of you guys are keen to hear more about my approach to niche site building and SEO/affiliate marketing, the you could grab a free PDF report I share with subscribers…

    • Dita Irvine August 30, 2013 at 11:20 am #

      Hi John,

      I totally understand where your definition is coming from. But we must never forget why most of us blog. We want to be heard and share what we know. Therefore one needs to consider that “your toy, your passion, your ultimate dream” is also shared with reasonable number of people we can reach. Therefore when we choose a niche the number of targetable audience is an important consideration.