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Way To Ensure That Facebook Features Blog Images In Posts

Images are very important for Facebook sharing. And sharing is important because it brings traffic to your blog. But sometimes Facebook does not feature your blog post images. It only shows thumbnails. Here is a way to ensure that Facebook features blog images in posts you post on Facebook.

The major problem with Facebook is that their post image sizes often change or the dimensions are pretty unconventional. As well, if you do not adhere to proper settings on your WordPress blog your images are not going show as the large featured images but only as a thumbnail on the right hand side of your post. Most of the posts with thumbnail images are not shared or not even clicked.

1. Example Of Image Thumbnail In Facebook Post

Often if anything on your blog post is amiss your image will only show as a thumbnail in Facebook post. Below is an example of one of my Facebook posts where the image dimensions were not correct, hence only thumbnail showing.

Facebook post thumbnail image2. Example Of Featured Image In Facebook Post

If everything is set up well, Facebook will generally feature your image and your Facebook post will be (or may become) more appealing. Below is an example featuring one of my newer Facebook posts with a featured image displaying very nicely.

Facebook featured image

I may be biased, but in my opinion, the second post is more clickable than the first one. And given that Facebook is so stingy with showing our posts to a wide audience, we need to optimize our Facebook posts maximally and a nice featured image may just result in more clicks and more traffic to your post.

Here Are The Steps To Ensure That Facebook Features Your Blog Post Images

Below are 2 steps to ensure that your featured images also show as featured images in Facebook posts.

1. Set your WordPress to show Featured Images

Follow the clever graphic below (courtesy of MarketNetGroup)

WordPress screen options

You can access Screen Options through your WP editor at the top right-hand corner. After you select the “Featured Images” option, you will see a link to set your Featured images (it still sets it through the media, but the process is slightly different), under the Tags option on the bottom right hand side of your editor.

Within the Media editor, you can choose where you want to place your featured image. You can place it above the post in the center or on the right or left side of your post. Because the image size I am going to suggest is relatively large, I suggest you keep it in the center.

2. Use An Ideal Image Size To Display As Featured Facebook Post Image.

Facebook uses the strangest image dimensions for their featured images, Newsfeed ads and right-hand side ads. The required dimension for featured images seems to be 484 x 252 px. When I changed the size of my featured images to this size all my Facebook posts started to show the featured image and not a thumbnail image.

This is an odd size and most images that you get online do not come in these sizes. You can use a number of free tools to crop the images to size. If you have Microsoft Office, its image editor will do the job, so will Microsoft Paint or

For years I have been using an excellent tool to create all my images. It is quite inexpensive tool and I do all my art work including images with quotes using this tool. Also I like it because it give me an option to save my images in low file sizes which is important when you are placing a lot of images on your blog, as I do. Anyway, if you want to have a look here is the link…

Note: The odd time when I have a large number of images in a single post, Facebook gets confused and just picks any image from within my post. In that case, I use the option to select a different image. However, sometimes Facebook does not include the featured image within the different images. In that case, I choose the option to upload a new image. If that happens to you, make sure to upload your featured image.

Now that you know how to make sure that Facebook features blog images in posts you post on your Facebook page, you can apply it to all your posts and you should begin to see some clicks on your Facebook posts and an increase of traffic to your blog. Let me know what you think and if this works for you.

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2 Responses to Way To Ensure That Facebook Features Blog Images In Posts

  1. Sandy January 6, 2015 at 12:58 am #

    Great tips Dita. Something interesting to look at. I have never really explored what work and what not work when come to featuring images on FB posts. Indeed, sometimes we get small thumbnail featured and sometimes big image size. Regardless, I am more ‘bothered’ by what stays in my Timeline. I was browsing through my timeline lately and notice many of my ‘blogpost’ are not there, which are something I would very much like to have stayed.

    Reason being if someone interested chance upon my account and decided to find out more and see what I post, they get to see them. It would have been much better with these ‘quality advertisements’ featured, which also lead them to my blog.

    Talking about the image size, I didn’t really set mine to your said size. I would usually set them to height 800px and width is auto generate proportionally. I have always wonder if 800px is too big and if I should scale it down. Shall explore your stated size next. Thanks for the tip.

    Another key differentiation is also the image itself. If it is something that is eye catching, then having a full size definitely receive greater click / share rate! In any case, I am still experimenting with and have a lot more to learn!

    To your Abundance, Sandy 🙂
    Sandy recently posted…Why I Start a Happiness and Gratitude JarMy Profile

    • Dita Irvine January 6, 2015 at 10:05 am #

      Hi Sandy,
      It is true that FB optimizes the sizes but when you have large images it will make them smaller and may not cover the whole image you are trying to show, hence the suggested sizes. The same applies if you have disproportionate images. The size I mentioned only applies to a post image. The whole idea is that when you post your blog post on FB you want FB to show correct images so that the readers see those images and perhaps will click on your post.

      My suggestion to you is to do whatever works for you and do whatever you feel comfortable doing.
      Dita Irvine recently posted…Getty Images Gift To Bloggers – Millions Of Free ImagesMy Profile