Quick Start Challenge with Dean Holland

My Quick Start Challenge Journey With Dean Holland – Reminiscing

This week Dean Holland and his partner Craig Crawford introduced a turbocharged version of Quick Start Challenge course called Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0. Naturally, as a past graduate of the original course I watched the first webinar and just as before, along with hundreds of new enrollees, I was once again infected with the enthusiasm Dean projects when he speaks and teaches. In this article I would like to reminisce and share with you my original thoughts when I first embarked on my Quick Start Challenge journey.

My Quick Start Challenge journey began early in June. Let me tell you my story about how I got to be a part of this challenge.

At that time, it has been slightly over two years since I joined the internet community in an effort to make money online and to experience the sweet taste of financial freedom. Despite my efforts I was not making any amount of money to speak of. On the contrary, I was overspent, overwhelmed and over-crazed by the terrible disease that overtook my otherwise sane mind.

The disease is called the “Shiny Object Syndrome“, a brutal addiction to purchasing anything that promises to help one become successful online.

In early June I vowed “never again” to buy any internet marketing product irrespective of what it promises. Just like any addict would do, I succumbed to the lure of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge and his promise that the Challenge will “help me establish myself online, arm me with everything I need to build my own email list and drive floods of traffic to my site”. As well, it promised to “turn on the tap to my very own income machine starting right now”…..

In retrospect I am very grateful that I was so willpower challenged. I loved every minute of my interactions with Dean Holland and his team, I loved every challenge and above all I loved the spirit and the camaraderie of my fellow students.

As a matter of fact, I continue to interact with Dean to this day. I partnered with him and joined the iProPartners program which is consistently bringing me money. If you want you can check it out here…

Dean Holland is a successful full time internet marketer. Just a few years back he was not much different from me, struggling to make money online without success. That all has changed when he joined a mentoring and coaching class given by Alex Jeffrey. He followed Alex’s teaching to a tee. Now, at the age of 29 he makes a six figure income.

Dean became a coach and a mentor himself.  In the Quick Start Challenge he shared and continues to share with us some of the knowledge and experience he gained and applied to his, now successful, internet marketing business.

What Does The Quick Start Challenge Include?

  • 4 weeks of coaching in a form of a live webinar
  • 4 weeks of challenges
  • 5 opportunities to win an exclusive VIP limited enrollment training with Dean
  • Opportunity to join a private Facebook group (previously unannounced bonus)


Overview Of The Quick Start Challenge

As I mentioned above, the Challenge is a 4 week coaching program, but lucky for the members, Dean is going to conduct yet another bonus, not previously announced, session. At this point in time, the bonus is a surprise. Therefore I will just give you a summary of the initial 4 sessions:

  1. The Big Beginning
  2. The Free Traffic Tap
  3. On Demand Income And Automation
  4. Instant Interest Lifestyle

Each challenge that students get is related to the topic of discussion.

As a past graduate of the Quick Start Challenge course I can, without a moment’s hesitation, say that the coaching is superb. By the time I finished the course, my eyes were wide opened and I felt certain that I was on the path to success.

In retrospect, Dean Holland kept his promise. The Quick Start Challenge paved my way to success.I have been earning income and I am pleased the  way my blog has turned out.

As well, I set myself for a long interaction with Dean Holland, his team and my fellow students via another of Dean’s amazing course, the Big Commission Blueprint. How could I not succeed!

If you are now taking the course, make sure to let me know in the comment section and I’ll “meet you” in our Facebook group.

If you are thinking of joining the Quick Start Challenge, then do. You will learn a lot and you will enjoy it. Dean is an awesome mentor.


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3 Responses to My Quick Start Challenge Journey With Dean Holland – Reminiscing

  1. Debrah Schlumaker April 26, 2014 at 12:28 am #

    I think it is interesting course for many people, especially for youths. I have not taking this course, but I want you provide many courses and I wish you to success for your programm. Thank you
    Debrah Schlumaker recently posted…Top 10 Best Bathing & Skin Care for Baby 2014 ReviewsMy Profile

  2. Troy April 9, 2014 at 8:33 pm #

    I wish you much success on this course. I look forward to seeing your progress.
    I have not taken the course. It is so hard to figure out which are the good courses and which are a waste of time as thee are so many people out thee who are teaching things that may or may not actually work and that they are not or have never actually done themselves.
    I am sure you are in good hands and will get good stuff out of this. Have fun and good luck!

    • Dita Irvine April 10, 2014 at 9:36 am #

      Hi Troy,

      There are so many courses on line and yes, it is very hard to choose. I am not taking this course now I am only re-visiting it as I am the past graduate of Dean’s course and this posts is about reminiscing about it. As I said in the posts I took it a while back, when it was originally offered and It turned my business around. It helped me gain focus, and made me take actions I was previously afraid of taking.

      Thanks for stopping by
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