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Quick Start Challenge – The Big Beginning Review

I really looked forward to the coaching sessions, despite the fact that I already participated in the challenge a while back. For me, it was a refresher course. Since I have never reported the challenge on this blog I thought you might enjoy reading it here. Today we’ll begin with Quick Start Challenge lesson 1, which Dean Holland called “The Big Beginning”.

As you will see later, this lesson deserved to receive the title “Big”. Your whole internet marketing journey and ultimately earning money online depends on your start, on your frame of mind at the beginning, on your habits, on the way you approach your business building, and on your ability to establish yourself online.

Quick Start Challenge – Week 1 Outline

You may have missed reading my introduction of the program. If you want to start at the beginning you may want to read it here at My Quick Start Challenge Journey

The outline

  • Success starts within
  • Time management and effective planning
  • Internet 2014 and beyond
  • The Big Beginning
  • Establishing yourself online
  • Week 1 Challenge

As you can see Week 1 itinerary was massive. It contained both conceptual and physical ideas.

Quote!The beginning is the most important part of the work”
PLATO, The Republic

At the beginning of their internet marketing or a blogging journey, a huge majority of people make the same mistake. That is why a large number of people who try to establish an online business fail. I believe the statistics have not changed over the past couple of years and the percentage of failures still remains at about 97%.

In a nutshell, most people fail because they do not know exactly why they want to do online business. They do not have a solid reason and they do not have a purpose. To know WHY is crucial if you want your business to move forward. Even a simple answer, that you are in it to better the life of your family suffices.

The lack of time management and the lack of a solid plan are the number 1 recipes for disaster. I bet that out of 10 wannabe internet marketers reading this post perhaps 1 person has some sort of a plan. Without a plan one get’s easily distracted and loses the focus. A lack of focuses cause us to jump from project to project, buy useless offers that may never even get opened and so it goes…

To succeed one needs to change. I’ll quote Dean, the Quick Start Challenge coach, here:
If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

It is that simple! The lesson here is that if a wannabe internet marketer will not implement the WHY, the Time Management and Effective Planning he /she is not going to progress and will either fail or, at most, reach mediocrity.

Internet 2014 and beyond…. Internet has become very social place. Google can clearly see through mindless content and so can the customer. Bad content means that one will not acquire followers, will not experience any social interactions, hence will not achieve rankings and will not get the organic, search engine traffic at all. And, as you know, traffic means money (mostly).

The Big Beginning is a major twist. You need internet presence but… You create your internet presence by creating your own social platform, namely a blog. I think of starting a blog as creating an authority site where the authority is you, talking to like minded people at par.

You create a brand of yourself, you interact with people as yourself, you do not lie and fake things. You are real, you are communicating with people honestly, and eventually satisfying their needs and wants honestly. Your readers will begin to trust you, respect you and eventually seek you out.

The last point that Dean discussed was our ability to establish our selves online. Essentially, he stressed that whatever you decide to do or you have to do for your survival and success online, DO IT. Even the things you fear the most. Actually, do those things first. Fear is a killer of wonderful ideas. It stops us from doing what we want to do. It stops us from being creative and productive.

Perfectionism is another major downfall because it, in itself, is nothing more than procrastination. Most importantly, as Dean Holland and many other successful marketer will tell you –  Don’t Get It Right, or Perfect Just Get It Going!!

The Quick Start Challenge for the first week was to start a blog with relevant and honest information on it.

In summary, the first week’s Quick Start Challenge webinar was full of eye openers, even if one is not a complete internet marketing newbie. As is Dean’s trademark, he left us with many “keepers” or ideas to treasure.

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