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My Successes Keep Me Smiling – My InternetProfits Maker

InternetProfits, aka iPro, has changed my life. As I listened to today’s weekly webinar for iPro members, I realized how fortunate I was to “bump” into Dean Holland, way back when, when I first enrolled in his introductory course the, Quick Start Challenge. Subsequently I joined his InternetProfits, Big Commission Blueprint, and since then my successes keep me smiling. So much so, that I even decided to create a banner to convey this message to my readers.

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I joined Dean’s iPro (InternetProfits) 2 years ago. I was a guinea pig, one of the first few members into the group. I joined because, I am not a product creator. I am a blogger and an affiliate marketer.

iPro program was going take care of the research and product development for me, so that I could continue to do what I love and still continue to grow, despite being product development challenged. I’ll explain this later.

But that was not the only reason I joined. I have to confess that Dean Holland completely bewitched me. Every time I listened to his webinars, his messages made me feel I can move mountains. And I really can. I’ve never experienced such honesty, caring and motivation with other teachers. I knew I could trust this man. And, to this day he has not disappointed me.

What iPro offered was to create the products, create the sales funnels, create the optin pages and create the email follow ups. All I had to do is to is drive traffic to the optin page(s).

The beauty of the program, and what drew me to the program, is that once a customer opts in, I am of the hook. Dean and his team (I call them my Dream Team) take over.

The Dream Team builds a strong relationship with the subscribers through follow up emails, amazing training webinars and more. This goes on for months. Imagine that!

For months on end, the subscriber is exposed to valuable information. I know, because I subscribed too, just to see what Dean was telling the potential customers. I even watched a few of the webinars. Because Dean is an amazing teacher, so are the webinars.

As you can imagine the conversion rates are pretty good. The amazing thing is that each and every time, whenever my opt in recommended subscriber purchases a product from the multitude of products available to them in the iPro Pandora’s box, I make a commission.

I’ve joined other programs, mostly training, but this is different. This is the only program that keeps giving and giving, just like the Eveready Bunny. It simply will not stop.

As I watched and listened to the webinar today, I could not help but feel an incredible sense of luck or fortune for coming across Dean Holland.

Click Here To Watch Dean’s Free Video and Learn How You Too Can Become Successful

In today’s webinar, Dean discussed the plans for 2015. Multiple new products close to completion or in the midst of development are coming to  iPro Partners (as the members of the InternetProfit call ourselves) for promotion. But unlike so many crappy products online, every product that Dean and his team develop, is first class.

I can attest to it because as an iPro Partner I have a free access to every product there is in the InternetProfits cache. And, that is another reason why I feel so fortunate. Because I have the opportunity to truly review every single product in InternetProfits (actually, it is my responsibility as a member of this “exclusive club”), I know that when I promote any of the iPro products, the readers of my blog will get the best.

I am sure by now you are so curious that you want to click a link to iPro. There is no direct link to InternetProfits. It wouldn’t be fair. How could you make a decision to work with the Dream Team if you don’t even know who Dean Holland is? The best is to watch the free video where Dean introduces himself and his Internet Income System. That would be your starting point. You can take it from there.

Click below to watch the free video

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5 Responses to My Successes Keep Me Smiling – My InternetProfits Maker

  1. rahul choudhary March 21, 2015 at 7:07 am #

    I concur with all that you recently expressed and you’re correct, we are exceptionally lucky to in ipro. It was and is to this date one of the best monetary choices I have ever constructed.

  2. Mike March 11, 2015 at 8:07 pm #

    What kind of affiliate products are offered? what niches are they hitting up I am on a webinar now and he does not discuss what is actually being offered

    • Dita Irvine March 11, 2015 at 8:54 pm #

      Hi Mike,

      thank you for asking. There are a number of products offered. But as an affiliate I don’t promote them all. The beauty of this program is that there are some flagship products, for example, Big Commission Blueprint but when someone purchases the product there are many others within the hub, they can go to if they want. Any of the subsequent products purchased fall under the “commission” of the person who initially sold them the product.

      But to answer your question, among others there is the affiliate club, quick start challenge, a few intro courses, just to name a few. The cache of products increase all the time. As the time goes on we can also promote different funnels, for example affiliate.

      It is a really an awesome program and all I said about it in the article, comes from my heart

      I hope that answers your question.

      Take care
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  3. Jerry Handy January 21, 2015 at 11:02 pm #

    Dita, I agree with everything you just stated and you’re right, we are very fortunate to in ipro. It was and is to this date one of the best financial decisions I have ever made.

    I’ve seen a number of programs online and some promise you the world but you end up with absolutely nothing but an empty bank account. To know the plans and the big changes that are coming are exciting and we are looking so forward to it.

    Keep plowing forward and congrats on your recent success.

    Jerry Handy recently posted…Ipro Partner TEAM HangoutMy Profile

    • Dita Irvine January 21, 2015 at 11:27 pm #

      Hi Jerry,

      It took me while to recover from today’s webinar. It is going to be an amazingly exciting year. Everything I said I meant from my heart. We truly are very fortunate to have “partnered” with Dean and InternetProfits.

      I know you had great successes as well, and you too are smiling. And I just wanted to tell you that having you in the group and exchanging ideas with you is a real privilege. All the best to you, Jerry.
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