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Monthly Blogging Scoop – February 2015

Monthly Blogging Scoop is back as of February 2015. Once again I will be bringing back a summary of events that have taken place on Blogging Spree. As well, Monthly Blogging Scoop will share a few key topics, some very specific and some of a more general nature, that may be of interest to bloggers.

Monthly Blogging Scoop – In The Spotlight This Month:

  • Blogging Spree’s How To Start A Blog – Step-By-Step Guide
  • Blogging Spree’s WordPress Tutorial For Beginners
  • “Discovering” Google Webmaster Central Office Hours hangouts with John Mueller
  • Mobile coming up as an algorithm
  • Is Matt Cutts no longer part of Google?
  • YouTube Kids comes to life

As I explained before, the Monthly Blogging Scoop will be separated into 2 sections:

  • Blogging news from Blogging Spree
  • Monthly Blogging Scoop from around the web

Blogging News From Blogging Spree

The priority this month was to create tutorials for blogging beginners. I have created 2 tutorials:

  1. How To Start A Blog Step-By-Step Guide
  2. WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

I have put a lot of thought into creating these tutorials and initially I have lumped them under one heading, namely “How To Start A Blog” guide. But when I completed the guide, I realized that not all people who want to install WordPress on their sites are complete beginners.

Some website owners, already have the know-how of hosting, cpanel and other basic elements of blog setup, which a complete beginner would not have a clue about.

For that reason, How To Start A Blog step by step tutorial mainly concentrates on pre-installation basics and up to creating a hosting account. Following the hosting account set up, the reader is directed to the WordPress Tutorial series.

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners, starts with the installation of WordPress blog. Subsequently, it covers, in detail, every aspect a new user of WordPress, and specifically a new WordPress blogger, needs to know in order to blog effectively using this platform.

Every tutorial of the WordPress series, was based on my own blogging experiences and was designed such that the newly created blog would have a chance to become successful.

As well, I ensured that no matter where a complete beginner lands, he or she is directed to the appropriate section of either tutorial.

Blogging News From Around The Web

I just want to make a clarification for this section. Some of the news is not “hot of the press”, as some of the topics have been around for a while, such as the “Office Hours”. However, I only “discovered” them this month and I felt they are very worthy of mention in the Monthly Blogging Scoop.

Google Webmaster Central Office Hours Hangouts

These hangouts are by Google’s John Mueller. He is the Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, in Switzerland . In these hangouts he tries to connect with webmaster and publishers (in other words, people like you and I who own or design websites and blogs and publish them online).

John Mueller, tries to answer questions we may have. These questions were either previously submitted or are asked by viewers at the time of the hangout.

The Office Hours hangouts are amazing, albeit some of them a little too technical. But, despite some of the very techie questions, John Mueller answers questions at any level and even shares the new Google developments which are of importance to website owners.

I don’t even know how I came across these hangouts, but I urge you to look at some of them and see if you could benefit from them. For example, in the last few hangouts he talked about the importance of having your website mobile friendly and how our sites will be impacted if we don’t comply.

Mobile Friendliness Of Your Site Is An Absolute Must

In less than two month, Google is going to add another algorithm update which is going to judge whether your site is mobile friendly or not. If your site is not mobile friendly, your placement in SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) will be affected. Perhaps not immediately, but within a short period of time.

This topic is of such an importance for bloggers and website owners, that I will be publishing a post related to this topic. Be on a lookout for it.

Where Is Matt Cutts

I have been searching online for some of Matt Cutts’ videos and I realized that Matt Cutts, has taken, what was supposed to be, a temporary leave from Google.

But it looks like, perhaps he is not coming back, because he extended his leave. It would be too bad if Matt did not return, as I found his educational videos very helpful and I often shared what I learned from him on Blogging Spree.

The reason I think that he is not going to return is because he came out with a new video and it almost suggests to me a farewell speech of sorts. Let’s hope I am wrong!

Matt Cutt’s Lessons Learned From The Early Days Of Google

The video is amazing, very funny and shows the human side of Google. I think you will enjoy it!

YouTube Kids Comes To Life

Since most bloggers use YouTube to publish videos or to embed interesting videos on their blogs, I thought it would be worthy of mention that YouTube finally has come to its senses and decided to create an app, YouTube Kids, which will allow children to view videos that are age appropriate.

I know that this new development will not impact you as an internet marketer, but it is good to know that our kids, grand kids, nephews and nieces are safe and not exposed to some of the scum that is publicized when one watches a video.


In conclusion, apart from the new developments on Blogging Spree, much of February’s Monthly Blogging Scoop revolves around Google (I didn’t even realize that until I finished the post). There are always some new developments going on in that company, so no wonder. I urge you to explore Google’s Office hours for the more serious stuff and watch Matt Cutt’s video for, believe it or not, even some fun. Matt Cutts is a pretty funny guy!

As always, please let me know what you thought of these Monthly Blogging Scoop topics.


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4 Responses to Monthly Blogging Scoop – February 2015

  1. Joy Healey March 6, 2015 at 10:11 am #

    Hi Dita

    Thanks for that really interesting post.

    I’ve been expecting an update to check for non-mobile-friendly sites and been working to make sure they are. Hope everyone else is too.

    For entertainment value I enjoyed the Matt Cutts video. Hadn’t heard that rumor, hope it’s not true. He showed a whole new side to Google and himself.

    The Office Hours hangouts sound interesting, I’ll be sure to investigate.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

    • Dita Irvine March 7, 2015 at 12:22 pm #

      Hi Joy, so good to see you here.

      I did not realize that Matt Cutts had it in him. On his tutorial videos he came across so serious.

      As far as the mobile friendliness is concerned, just click some of the links within the post and there is where you can test if your sites are mobile friendly. The best is the Google one, because if Google sees your site as mobile friendly, it will place it in mobile search. So you will be OK.
      Dita Irvine recently posted…How To Create A Table Of Contents In WordPressMy Profile

  2. Jeannette Paladino March 3, 2015 at 11:20 pm #

    Dita — I found these topics to be very interesting. I admire anyone who tries to set up a WordPress blog without help from an IT consultant. I took a 12-week blogging course myself 6 years ago and it wasn’t easy. I’m the type that needs to be led by the hand. Thanks for the tip about Google penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Mine is but a couple of links need fixing so I better set about doing that quickly!
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Maybe Social Media Isn’t the Way to Promote Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Dita Irvine March 4, 2015 at 1:21 pm #

      Hi Jeannette,

      your comment made me remember my fear about starting a blog way back when. It took me six months to get the courage to attempt setting up a blog after reading all the related material I could get online. For that reason, and to make it really simple for the newbies, I created the tutorials, as I am talking about in the Monthly Scoop.

      With respect to mobile friendliness, I am not not surprised your site is mobile friendly. It is an awesome site you have and you definitely know what you are talking about.

      Thanks for stopping by
      Dita Irvine recently posted…WordPress Tutorial For BeginnersMy Profile