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Minor Issue That May Occur After Installing WordPress Blog

Right after installing WordPress blog you may encounter a minor issue. I would like to address it here so that you will not give up in frustration!

After installing WordPress blog on your web host, you would have received a URL of your WordPress blog right on the interface from where you installed your blog. If it is not there, then you would have received it in your email.

When you enter your blog’s URL in the browser you should see your newly created blog.

Let me warn you, it will not be the prettiest thing, because it is just an un-customized, default theme that your blog is sitting on. Don’t worry about your blog’s appearance at this time. In the WordPress Tutorial chapters I will show you how to customize it and make it look good.

Your newly installed blog should look very similar to the one in Image 1. below (the look may change as the WordPress platform gets updated).

Image 1. Your Blog After Installing It On WordPress

installing WordPress blog
On the left hand side of the blog you will see the name of your blog. The demo blog I use for the WordPress tutorials is and the URL of this site is or

The default WordPress installation has one published post called “Hello World”, which you see displayed on the front of your new blog. Your new blog also has a “Sample Page”. We will be deleting those during the set up and customization of the default WordPress platform your blog sits on. Don’t worry about them now!

What If After Installing WordPress Blog You Don’t See Your Blog?

Sometimes, when you click on your newly created blog URL shortly after installation, you may see another, unrelated site. The appearance of the site will vary, depending on your hosting provider. Hostgator. (the web hosting provider I am using for this demonstration) shows the following site.

Image 2. Help!…This Is Not My Site!Hostgator error page



after installin WordPress blog


As you can see on the bottom image, the URL is my WordPress Tutorial demo blog’s URL (, but this certainly is not my newly installed WordPress blog.

Don’t panic when this happens to you. There could be 3 reasons for it to happen.

1. Your web host did not yet “acknowledge” that a WordPress installation was associated with your domain name. Wait about 5 – 10 minutes, refresh your browser and your newly installed blog should show up on the WordPress platform. Sometimes you may have to wait longer.

2. Your domain has not propagated to your server at your web host. This can happen irrespective of whether you buy your domain name at your web host or you buy your domain name at a registrar independent of your web host and have to point your domain to your web host. Give it some time.

Usually this happens when you buy a domain name, set up a hosting account and install WordPress, all within a very short period of time.

Or, you had a domain name, you pointed your domain name to your new hosting provider and immediately set up WordPress in your cpanel.

Give the process pointing  a domain name to your web host 5 to 6 hours and at most 24 hours. If, after that time you still don’t see your blog, contact your web host to see why your domain it isn’t propagating.

3. You made an error when you pointed your domain to your hosting account. Go back to your domain registrar and make sure that you entered the name servers correctly. Refer to the section on How To Point A Domain Name if you are not sure how to do it.

If all fails give your web host a call and they will check whether everything is all right. NEVER feel embarrassed about calling your web hosting provider. You pay them a fee not only for hosting your blog but for the technical support as well.

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