Marie Forleo Interviews Arianna Huffington – Video

Marie Forleo Interviews Arianna Huffington – Video

I just finished watching a very inspirational video where Marie Forleo interviews Arianna Huffington (the president and the editor in chief of Huffington Post).

In the interview they discussed Arianna’s newest book Thrive – The Third Metric To Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder.

During the interview they talked about some of the secrets that Ms Huffington shares in her book. Particularly some of the ones on how to change our mindset and our daily habits in order to unlock our true wisdom, come up with the best ideas and creativity.

Arianna Huffington shared a number of personal stories, that many of us who work relentlessly at our computers could relate to.

Even though it was a relatively short interview (at least it seemed that way), there is so much wisdom in it. Very inspirational. Hope you enjoy it.


You can get the book at (affiliate link). I certainly am going to.

Arianna Huffington Thrive

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