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Life Is Like A Camera Quote For Bloggers And IMers

As you know from my previous article I sometimes like using quotes for my blog content. When you stop and think about, in most quotes irrespective of their original aim, one can find messages or analogies to various life and business situations we encounter. Such is the case of one of my favorite quotes “Life Is Like A Camera…”. Although it addresses life in general I can clearly see how the concept can be applied to blogging, internet marketing and any other type of business.




Life Is Like A Camera Quote As Applied To Blogging Or IM


Focus…on what’s important

In any business, including blogging and internet marketing (IM), focus is the gateway to success. Without it all your efforts will fail.

Focus simply implies the ability to pay close attention to the project at hand and avoid distractions at all costs. Avoid the pesky emails, Facebook or Google+ group posts, and other social media … And, above all avoid jumping from offer to offer in hope of finding the “answers” or “tools” that will help you bring your online business on success tracks.

Once you lose focus, all your ability to think clearly wanes. When distracted, all the processes including memory, reasoning, decision making and problem solving are lost. As a result your work suffers and you may even lose your motivation.

A lack of focus leads to ineffective thinking and if you cannot think effectively, you cannot produce the quality of work needed to succeed.

My mentor’s (Dean Holland) mantra is focus, focus, focus. He practices what he preaches and success sticks to him. For Dean, 5 figure income days are a norm.

Capture… the good times

Most successful internet marketers follow a simple formula of “Rinse and Repeat”. In essence they “capture” what is working for them and apply the techniques over and over to their new products or projects.

The same principle applies to blogging. Suppose you’ll find that one of your blog posts is doing much better than others. Well, capture the opportunity and write as many related post as you can. This technique works every time.

It is easy to find out what works on your blog. Google Analytics will give you all the answers.

Develop… from the negatives.

Essentially to develop from your negatives means to learn from your mistakes. If something does not work as you expected it would analyze it and try to determine why it did not work. Many successful marketers do this all the time. Split testing is sort of related to developing from negatives.

An other example that comes to mind is ads, such as Facebook ads. The first time your ad may be rejected or it will not perform to your satisfaction. Often just a little tweak will either result in acceptance of the ad or an enhanced performance.

Retake… if thing don’t work out

I don’t think I can say it better than the great Albert Einstein did:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If the methods you use do not bring you results, then give it up and move on. Retake or use a different angle. Surely, you’ve been told that perseverance is essential to success. It is undeniably true. You must persevere but if things are not working out you may have to change your thinking and your approach.

You may know of other analogies of “life is like a camera” quote that apply to blogging or internet marketing. Let’s have some fun with this. So, please share your ideas in the comment section. Please don’t forget to like the post on the social buttons.


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