Ikea's spoof of apple advertising

Ikea’s Hilarious Spoof Of Apple Advertising – The BookBook

This must be the best and funniest advertising video I have seen in a long time. Experience The BookBook is Ikea’s hilarious spoof of Apple advertising for the purpose of promoting their 2015 catalog.

Already seen by millions this little beauty is worth the share. I couldn’t stop laughing! I am sure that Ikea will win a few advertising awards with this little gem! This is a funny and effective parody of a typical Apple style advertisement and Ikea making it their own with some really clever Ikea branding. A great example of leveraging other peoples’ success to market your own… Enjoy!

Experience The BookBook

Videos are an excellent way of internet marketing and this is a prime example of a large company taking the advantage of YouTube video popularity to market and advertise their products. This video went viral. At the time of writing Ikea’s hilarious spoof of Apple advertising, “Experience the BookBook” video got well over 14 million views. They must have expected popularity… they even trademarked the word BookBook.

I’d love to hear what you thought of this clever marketing. Make sure to leave a comment.

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