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How To Write A Blog Or Rather How to Start Blogging

Congratulations! You now installed your WordPress blog, and are ready to learn how to write a blog, or rather, how to start blogging. In a sense you will not write a blog, you will be writing blog posts or blog pages and that is what blogging entails.

If you landed on this page through search, you have not yet installed WordPress and you are looking for information on how to start and set up a blog, please go to How To Start A Blog tutorials and start there.

Topics Covered In “How To Start Blogging” Tutorial Series

In this short introduction I just want to summarize the topics that will be covered in the following “how to write a blog” or “how to start blogging” WordPress tutorial series. For best results (and understanding), go through the series of tutorials in the order they are listed here or in the WordPress Tutorial table of contents.

At the end of each tutorial there will be a link that will lead you to the next tutorial in the sequence of tutorials.

  1. The Difference Between Blog Posts And Blog Pages
  2. WordPress Editor Detailed Overview
  3. How To Write A Blog Post

Last Note! Before you learn how to write a blog and start blogging, you need to have established your blog’s categories. If you are serious about blogging assigning categories to your blog is an absolute MUST! I am not kidding you. So, if you did not create categories yet, please return to the categories tutorial, set up your categories and then come back and go through the tutorials on How To Start Blogging.

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