How To Start Getting Traffic To Your Blog (Infographic)

You likely went though training upon training on how to start getting traffic to your blog. Yet the traffic still does not come. You keep, writing, posting to Facebook groups, checking your Google Analytics  but nothing you do seems to improve your readership. Sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel.

My favorite blogger Neil Patel came out with another brilliant blog and suggestions on how to increase traffic to your blog. Below I will share with you an excerpt of his post where he offers a suggestion on how to get your first 1000 readers and explode your email list. His premise is that you need to build an email list because when you have one you will get readers to your blog by simply emailing your list about the new developments, articles and posts on your blog. (I agree with him. Every time I do that, it works for me.)


Here are 7 steps you can use to increase your email subscription and start getting large amount of traffic to your blog

These steps represent a summary of the infographic below. (Source)

  1. Quick Win – posts with content that helps your readers accomplish something is considered a “quick win”. For example, this post breaks down how you can get 1,000 visitors to your blog… in essence, that’s the quick win for you.
  2. Welcome gate – it is sort of an interstitial. Think of Groupon, in which you have to put in your name and email to see the content.
  3. Qualaroo – it’s a survey tool and within you can collect emails instead of surveying your audience. (Note: this is a paid survey tool and you can use Survey Monkey for free)
  4. Squeeze page – it’s a page where you only have one goal… typically to collect an email. In which you are trying to get your visitors to enter in their email or leave.
  5. Confirmation page – having double opt in decreases the number of emails you collect. If you want to use one, tell your subscribers to visit their inbox and click the confirmation link.
  6. Comment check box – you can actually add a check box to your comment box to get more subscribers. Look for the subscribe to comments plugin.
  7. Popup – by using Bounce Exchange or Opt In Monster you can create popups that collect emails.

The infographic below gives you a complete overview.


How to Get Your First 1000 Blog Readers
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

So it appears that the most effective way to getting subscribers is to start implementing all the techniques to capture email and expand the list of your subscribers. It totally makes sense. As you build your subscriber base and build a good trusting relationship with your subscribers it stands to reason that every time you send them a link to your new post, they will click on the link and they will read your post and likely engage with you.

What are your thoughts? Have you started to build your list yet? If you already have, do you have a solid autoresponder messages in your autoresponder to keep your subscribers interested? Please share your thoughts.

But do you have enough traffic to capture leads. Below is a really awesome course of 19 videos of free (and up-to-date) traffic sources by John Thornhill, one of the most respected traffic experts. I took the course myself and this is why I am recommending it to you.

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  1. Justin December 14, 2014 at 10:59 pm #

    Excellent post Dita, been following your blog for a while now. I’ve been struggling to build my list and these traffic strategies should change things for me in the near future. Thanks!
    Justin recently posted…Google Sniper 3.0 Review – The Ultimate BlueprintMy Profile