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Getty Images Gift To Bloggers – Millions Of Free Images

Wow guys, for me this is the best blogging news I came across, in a long time. And it is just in time for Christmas, for those who are not yet aware of the wonderful Getty Images gift to bloggers.

This year Getty’s made their images free to use for non-commercial purposes. Over 50 million images are now available to us for free! And you don’t even have to sign up for an account with them.

Images on blogs have become very popular in the last few years. But, the best images are very expensive or not even accessible to most bloggers. The best selection of images online are in Getty Images  “vaults” and they have been ruthless to hunt down anyone who used their images without their permission. (Not long ago, I heard an interview where I learned that they actually have teams of people doing nothing but looking for offenders.)

The problem is that non-income blogs also scrounged their images and it was impossible for Getty’s to go after them and get anything back financially.

To overcome the problem of unauthorized image use, Getty Images came up with an idea of the open-embed program. This program lets users use most Getty images they want (over 50 million images), as long as they get to append a footer at the bottom of the picture with a credit and a link to the licensing page.

For most WordPress blogs (usually without much of a photo budget) this free stock imagery is awesome. When I found out about the program, I honestly thought that it was a true Getty Images gift to bloggers.

Although I found that Getty images are the most beautiful, I simply could not afford to buy images from their gallery. For me the prices are prohibitive. For that reason, I will gladly use their embeds for images I never had access to before.

Getty Images Shares More Than 50 Million Images For Free

Below is the scan of their website (just click on the image and you can get there yourself), which clearly states that over 50 million images can be legally used for free.

Getty's images website

To publish to your blog or website all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Enter a search term in the search box (which appears on Getty’s site)

2. Place pointer over an image and click the </> icon.

3. Copy and paste the code into your website or blog and voilà… you can have the most awesome images you’d likely could not afford.

Getty's images embeds

Getty’s Image Example From The Embed Source

As an example I chose one of the most recent images of Taylor Swift. I would previously not have access to this image unless I wanted to pay $49 for 3 months use. By inputting the embed on my site, I can have Taylor Swift, or any other of their images, on my blog for as long as I keep the embed here.

Is Getty Images gift for bloggers really free?

Yes and no. We don’t have to exchange any money with Getty Images, but through the embed code that we place on our blogs, they control these images.

Craig Peters, the vice president of Getty Images, does not dismiss the eventual possibility that if we get the free images they will use them to their advantage and possibly collect user information and even insert advertising in the embeds to generate revenue for themselves and their photographers.

They have not done it thus far and such a possibility may still be years away, if ever. Right now, Getty Images are using this method to resolve the problem of infringement. At this time they are making sure that their photographers receive the recognition they deserve. And as Peters said “The principle is to turn what’s infringing use with good intentions, turning that into something that’s valid licensed use with some benefits going back to the photographer,” says Peters, “and that starts really with attribution and a link back.”(Source)

So go ahead and enjoy the wonderful Getty Images gift to bloggers and embellish your blog with beautiful images for free! What do you think of this “gift”? Do you think you will use their images? Make sure to let me know in the comments below.


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6 Responses to Getty Images Gift To Bloggers – Millions Of Free Images

  1. Sandy Halliday December 20, 2014 at 6:23 am #

    Hey Dita,

    That is truly great news that I had not heard about. I have seen some blogs with Getty images on them recently and wondered how they managed it. I guess this is how they were able to do it.
    I will be heading over there straight away to see what I can use. Thanks for sharing.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…How To Eat Healthy Over The Party SeasonMy Profile

  2. Sandy Tan December 20, 2014 at 2:02 am #

    Thanks Dita for sharing this wonderful resource. I am currently either create my own images or source from This will definitely come in handy when I need alternate free images. Thanks once again.
    Sandy Tan recently posted…A Quick Guide on our Different GenerationsMy Profile

  3. Michel Snook December 20, 2014 at 1:25 am #

    This is a very useful resource for low budget bloggers.

    I do have some concern with the linking and embedding of the image, however. In some ways, it’s no different than sharing some one else’s YouTube video. But where ever there is embedding, tracking analytics are being collected for their benefit, not yours.

    You are also giving them free access to your web traffic. So overall, I would suggest that once you do become big enough, it would be better to buy pictures from graphic sites (unless you can create your own like I do). 🙂
    Michel Snook recently posted…Keeping Yourself MotivatedMy Profile

    • Dita Irvine December 20, 2014 at 10:01 am #

      Hey Michel, you are right and I also mentioned it in the post this source of free images is very suitable for low to medium budget blogs. As well, right now Getty Images is not collecting any information. This may happen in the future or maybe even never. I’ll cross that bridge when it happens. Im the meantime I am going to use the free images.
      Dita Irvine recently posted…The Millionaire’s Brain – What Is It About: ReviewMy Profile