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Email List And Income On Autopilot – Quick Start Challenge Week 3

Week three of the Quick Start Challenge was named “Push Button Income & Automation”. I’d rather think of it as “Email List And Income On Autopilot”. The premise of this challenge was to teach us how to automate certain time consuming aspects of our businesses. The training concentrated on list building, developing customer trust and relationship and generating income using email.

An online marketing business primarily depends on three things:

  1. Internet Presence
  2. Traffic
  3. Email List

I have discussed internet presence and free traffic to your website in my previous two posts. If you are interested in reading them, just click on the links.

Email list is another crucial element of a successful business. Although one can promote and sell products to website visitors without having an email list, having an active and significantly large email list of customers takes your business from bad or mediocre to hugely successful.

In this Quick Start Challenge webinar Dean has concentrated on building lists, building lasting relationships with the customers on the list and generating income from the list on autopilot. Believe it or not it is as simple as having an autoresponder. But I need to warn you, an autoresponder by itself is not going to generate the results. It is your autoresponder input /campaign that will determine your success.

Quick Start Challenge – How To Generate Email Lists And Income On Autopilot

As the traffic to your website begins to grow, you have a perfect opportunity to build a long term relationship with your visitors that will eventually translate into making money. You want your visitors to remember you, interact with you and buy from you.

The best way to capture your visitor’s attention and to develop a relationship with them (besides having an awesome website) is by giving them an opportunity to hear from you on regular basis. The way it is done is by a Subscribe Box (or sometimes a subscribe link) linked to your autoresponder. In most cases the Subscribe Box is placed in a prominent place, such as a sidebar widget on your website. In addition some internet marketers may also use a pop up Subscribe Boxes at exit.These are also linked to an autoresponder.

Many internet marketing beginners fail to set up an autoresponder and a subscribe/optin box and without this they cannot build an email list and capture leads for their business. Without an email list it is next to impossible to generate residual income online successfully.

Autoresponder Services To Generate Email Lists And Income On Autopilot

Getresponse AutoresponderThere are a number of autoresponder services available online. Some are paid and some are free. Absolutely stay away from the free ones! The free services may not be around forever and you may lose your list, your campaigns and all your hard work overnight.

I can only recommend the autoresponder services I am familiar with. I have used both Getresponse and Aweber services in my business. I have used Aweber until recently. Although many marketers still swear by it, lately I have noticed that the deliverability was slow or lacking even on my test emails. After a few discussion with the staff, I just had to move my lists to Getresponse autoresponder.

Getresponse is also cheaper than Aweber and after getting used to their dashboard, I must say I am quite pleased with the changeover. Both give you 30 days free trial (Aweber charges $1.00) so really you can have one moths to try both of them.

Aweber Email MarketingAt my newbie stage I found the services of both autoresponders extremely helpful. As well, both have a huge selection of subscribe box templates (called web forms). These templates are ready to use but they are also adjustable and pliable to your heart’s content. If you want to, with a few clicks, you can create a subscribe box completely compatible with the design and colors of your website.

As I mentioned above, having an autoresponder subscribe box on your website is not going to help you alone. You have to offer your visitors something of real value. It can be a report, a newsletter, ecourse, how to videos…well, you get the drift. However, be aware, you are dealing with real people. If the product they receive from you is junk, the signee will unsubscribe from your autoresponder and, most likely will never visit your site again.

Once you capture an email you’ll have to build a relationship with your potential customer. How many times did you sign up for a newsletter or an ebook and almost instantly received a gazillion offers to purchase something? What did you do with that email? Obviously, unsubscribed.

To avoid the same thing happening to you, you need to establish a relationship with your customer. Share with him/her your posts, great news you discovered online and so on. Only when you feel you formed a relationship gently start introducing offers to your subscribers. A good ratio to follow is 80/20. In other words, 80% helpful suggestions and only 20% promotions. Never be pushy and never lie or fake it. People are not dumb, they’ll see right through you.

You have to email the subscriber often at the beginning, in order for him not to forget you. Once to thank him, next day to inquire how is he enjoying your gift, two days later send him a link to a relevant post, two days after that send him some great info you found online….Eventually, ease up to weekly follow-ups. In between, gently introduce your offers.

You may think that writing all these emails to different people is a huge effort. Absolutely not! This is where autoresponders come in to play. Every autoresponder company allows you to create campaigns. You can prepare as many emails as you want, plug them into the campaign and every time you get a sign up, the person will receive your automated emails. For every customer they are the same. (For that reason avoid being time specific in your emails). That is what’s called Email list and an Income on Autopilot! The beauty is that you may create as many campaigns as you want for different set of subscribers and eventually promote as many products as you want to promote. This is all up to your imagination.


Week 3 Quick Start Challenge lesson might seem to you as a very simple one. Don’t kid yourself! Look at blogs or websites around you. You will find that many sites lack a capture/subscribe/optin box. Call it what you will, this is the one element that should not be lacking on your website. Once you create an optin box, it will take time and effort to create value email series. The effort is well worth it! I am repeating myself, but it really is a great way to generate an email list and income on autopilot.

I’d love to hear what you think about autresponders, email lists and I ask you to even suggest your own favorite autoresponder company (don’t forget to include the benefits of that company). Drop me a line in the comment box below.


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