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Best Contact Form Plugins For WordPress Blogs

You need to have a contact form on your blog so that your readers can contact you if they have any questions. There are a number of contact form plugins for WordPress blogs that will enable you to install a contact form easily, usually with just a click of a button. Or, you can create your own contact form if you are well versed in coding. However, most of us are not and in today’s WordPress tutorial I will share with you the best contact form plugins and show you how to install and configure them.

When I wrote the beginners’ How To Start a Blog and setting up and customization WordPress Tutorials, I needed to find a contact form plugin that is very simple to use, powerful and not technically challenging for the beginners. There are a few contact form plugins I came across that met these specifications. I tested them and in this tutorial,  I’ll provide you with a report of two of the best contact form plugins.

Note: Some themes come with a contact form code. For example, the theme I use on my blog, offers a contact page plus a code and I did not have to install a contact form plugin. Make sure that your theme does not already offer this function before you upload a plugin.

I will go over 2 free contact form plugins for you to chose from:

  1. Contact Form 7 plugin
  2. Fast Secure Contact Form

In order to install any one of these plugins automatically, you need to find them in your “Add New Plugins” dashboard. To access this dashboard, find the plugins and install them:

  • Click Plugins in your Home Dashboard
  • Click Add New (you will be brought to the Add New Plugins Screen)
  • Add the plugin you want to install in the Search box
  • Click Install
  • Click Activate

If you would like a more detailed refresher on how to install plugins check the WordPress Tutorial here…

Setting Up Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

As I said, I will show you how to set up 2 contact form plugins, which in my opinion, are the best.

1. Contact Form 7 Plugin Setup

Contact Form 7 super simple to use, reputable and a reliable contact form plugin. Straight forward, no bells and whistles. After you locate it in the Add New Plugins dashboard:

Step 1. Install Contact Form 7 plugin

Step 2. Locate the new plugin in the list of plugins (click Plugins to access the list). On the list you will find Contact For 7. Underneath it’s name you will find the Settings link.

Step 3. Click Settings

Image 1. Contact Form 7 Settings

Contact form 7 plugin

After you click on “Settings”, you’ll enter a link (in this case Contact form 1). Click on this link to edit your form.

Image 2. Contact Form 7

contact for 7 plugin settings


Step 4. Click Contact Form 1 link and you will be able to edit the form, if you want. (It is not necessary).

Image 3. Option To Edit Contact For 7 Plugin

Contact Form 7 plugin editing

In the edit area you can leave everything as set by default. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the shortcode you are provided. In the next step you will create a page and you will add the shortcode there. The shortcode includes all the information to create a form on your new page.

Step 5. Create a Contact page (you are creating a page not a post!). (From Add New Page option)

Image 4. Creating A Contact Page

create a contact pageOpen up your Page editor and click “Add New”. A new page editor will open. Title the page “Contact” or “Support”. On the page add the shortcode in its entirety.

Above the shortcode write your own direction for your readers. Publish your page.

Step 6. Preview your published page

After you publish the page (or you can preview the page before publishing) you will have a contact form that your readers can use to contact you.

Image 5. Published Contact Form

completed contact form

Now you have a contact form on your site. Make sure to test it. Send yourself an email. If your email is correctly set up in your dashboard’s settings, it will work.

Contact Form 7 is a very simple form and as you saw, very simple to implement on your blog. The one complaint some people may have about it is that it does not have a captcha option. Although this is never a problem for me, some people may want it included to discourage spammers.

For those that would like to have a captcha option, I found another very simple contact form which has a captcha option.


2. Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin Setup

Step 1. Install the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin

Step 2. Click Settings

Image 6. Installed Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin


In your plugin dashboard find Fast Secure Contact Form. Click on “Settings”.

Step 3. Customize “Basic Settings” of the

Image 7. Customize “Basic Settings” Of Contact Form

Edit Fast Secure Contact For plus shortcode

When customizing the Fast And Secure Contact Form plugin, there are only a couple of things you need to change. Everything else you can leave as default.

Basic Settings: On the Basic Settings page, you can change the wording of the “Welcome Message” to suit your site. I have entered exactly the same wording as on the previous contact form. The only thing that I added here was the bolding HTML command <strong> at the beginning of the sentence and </strong> at the end of the sentence.

Also note, that this form has a shortcode as well. You will place this shortcode on the Contact page you’ll create. Because you are adding the welcome message in the settings, you will not even have to add a welcome message to the page you’ll create.

Make sure to save the changes you made!

Step 4. Customize Captcha settings: Click on “Security Tab”

Image 8. Customizing Captcha Security

enable captcha optionIn the Security section you will find information that pertains to the captcha option. The default captcha is very large so I chose to also select “Enable smaller size CAPTCHA image”. Save the changes.

Step 5. Create a Contact Page

Now you are ready to create the Contact page. As I mentioned already, because you added the welcome message in the Basic Settings, all you need to do is to add the shortcode to your new Contact page.

Image 9. Create a New Contact Page

create contact page for fast secure contact formNothing else is needed to add to this page except the shortcode. The shortcode contains all the information including the welcome message.

Step 6. Preview and publish your page

Image 10. Preview Of A New Contact Page

Published fast secure contact form pagePretty nifty Contact Form, right! On the bottom of the form it includes the captcha field.

There a number of other equally good contact form plugins for WordPress blogs and if you feel up to it you can search for them via your plugin dashboard or via Google search. But, honestly these two, in my opinion are the simplest and the best. They are well reviewed by other bloggers as well. I tried them both on my sites and eventually I opted for the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Many themes offer pre-installed contact pages. My theme does and that is what I use now. If your theme does, you do not have to upload any contact form plugins. That would be redundant.

Hope you enjoyed the Contact Page Plugin for WordPress blogs tutorial and it helped you make a decision. Make sure to let me know which one you opted for. Please leave a comment her or on my Facebook page. Please take a moment to click the “Like” and Google+buttons if you liked the post.


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