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Challenge To Make Money Blogging – Week 4 Report

Running the challenge to make money blogging seems to be making my weeks pass by at a speed of light. It seems that one minute I wrote my last post reporting the results of week 3 and next minute it is time to report again.

In addition to this challenge I am trying to keep up with the rest of my internet marketing tasks and projects and this week I felt a bit like a clumsy  juggler. A part of the reason for this was that I wanted to introduce a couple of new elements to the project in order to improve the traffic I am getting.

What I wanted to do is to establish a Twitter account and link it to Blogging Spree website. Twitter seems to go through stages of cycles of popularity. Lately, I have been hearing a lot of marketers swear by Twitter as a traffic source. But I was not sure so I posted a question on Warrior forum: “Internet Marketing Dilemma – Tweet Or Not To Tweet”  to see if I could get some opinions from different marketers. The opinions varied from positive to negative. A few of them are shown in the box below.

I don’t think that Twitter is a very effective tool for traffic. I’d say its usefulness is limited to networking, but that’s about it. I’m not the only one who feels that way either, as many of my friends don’t use Twitter either and they do amazingly without it.
It depends on the quality and quantity of your twitter followers. If your followers are related to the niche you are targeting, there is more likely to have a high value in using twitter.
Twitter is how the world communicates now. It is how businesses connect to their customers. “Don’t get the hang of it” is not an excuse. I have nearly 1 million twitter followers and it does wonders for me.

Based on some of the answers I decided to set up BloggingSpree Twitter account. I have not done that for a very long time and a few things have changed. I got distracted by the set up, the background and all the “stuff” that could have waited…I forgot my mentor’s words: “It does not have to be perfect, just get it going!”

I fiddled with it for hours and in the end I have it done but because I spend so much time on trying to customize my page (and it is still not completed), I did not have time to start tweeting. So really, the lesson learned here is that I should have listened to the wise words of my mentor. I would have been much further along if I had just tweeted and not obsessed about how my background is going to look…

During the week I also posted a couple of posts that were well received and a number of marketers left comments. Receiving comments from other internet marketers feels really gratifying and it is very motivational. (Just in case one of you is reading this – thanks a million.)

Challenge To Make Money Blogging – Week 4 Summary

Traffic Results

  • Total traffic: 202
  • Unique visitors: 156

Organic traffic rose again. Almost 21% of the traffic was organic. That is very exciting and encouraging.

  • Page views: 706 pages
  • Average pages per visit: 3.50, slightly lower than last week’s figure
  • Bounce rate was up at a low of 1.98%

It is nice to see that the time that visitors spent on my site is still rising. Over 31 minutes on average per visit!

Apart from the organic traffic, most of the traffic is from other blogs and a couple of forums, including the Warrior Forum.

Sales Results

This week my site sold another product. So as you can see the money is trickling in. As I said in week 3 post, perhaps in the middle of the challenge to make money blogging, I will put together a summary of products and I’ll provide you with the exact earnings related to the sales.

So my friends, it is time to finish this Challenge To make Money Blogging post and attack the other tasks at hand. I’d love to hear from you. As I said above, your comments help push me along. Until week 5 report


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0 Responses to Challenge To Make Money Blogging – Week 4 Report

  1. Anne Lim May 31, 2013 at 4:57 am #

    Hello Dita,

    Thank you very much for sharing this great post. Actually I have read some of your articles and I have enjoyed it 🙂 I believe that Twitter is a very effective tool for traffic. I have tried twitter to increase the traffic in my blog and luckily it worked.

    Anne Lim recently posted…The Butterball Turkey FryerMy Profile

  2. Phil April 17, 2013 at 12:56 pm #

    This is another great post Dita and well done on your continued action with the Challenge.

    Good to see that you are being rewarded now with a steady stream of sales from your efforts and that your traffic is increasing nicely.

    I don’t currently post much on Twitter but I do have a Twitter account linked to the blog which automatically tweets the new posts. I think this helps a little to get the social engagement going as the first tweet is then covered and in my opinion people are more likely to engage socially when they are not the first person.


  3. Sandy Halliday April 12, 2013 at 9:50 am #

    Hi Dita,

    Great news on your traffic and sales results.

    I have never really got to grips with Twitter although I have one account for my detox niche and one for the IM stuff. I only tend to use the IM one to tweet my blog posts.

    I used to do a lot of tweeting for the detox account but could not keep up when I was away. I have tended to go over to Pinterest now as that has doubled the traffic to my detox blog in a few months and I did not see any traffic coming from Twitter.

    I have been debating about trying Pinterest it for my IM blog although I know it is much harder in that niche because that is not why people are on Pinterest.

    Have a great weekend.

    Sandy Halliday recently posted…CommentLuv Link Cleaner Plugin Fixes Broken Links In A JiffyMy Profile

    • Dita Irvine April 12, 2013 at 12:20 pm #

      Hi Sandy,

      I know that some people do well with pinterest, but I think it is pretty involved to become good at it. The images must be really cool and I think it would take a long time to create images for re-pins. I think it is a time consuming project completely on its own. That is one area I don’t really care to touch. Now if I had a cooking or similar website I think I would do it.



  4. Glenn Shepherd April 11, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    Hey Dita,

    Great update. You’re right – when I saw that you’d posted week 4’s update I thought, “What – already!?” It’s amazing how time’s flying by!

    At this stage I do use Twitter but not really very much and I’m sure there is much more that I could learn about it to use it to its full potential marketing-wise. But for the moment I mainly post my blog updates and that’s good enough for me for the moment. At this stage I don’t want to be taking on something else to learn about and then distract me from the stuff that is definitely working. But Twitter is clearly a useful platform and it’s something I definitely will learn more about when I have the time.

    Keep plugging away, Dita, you’re making great progress. I can’t wait to look back on us all in a few months time and reflect on how much we’ve progressed and what we did to get there. In fact, only this evening I took just a moment to think about where I was, what I knew and what my approach was just 6 months ago. I feel like I’m almost a different person! It’s amazing just how much more confident I feel in all of this and how much self-belief I have now. I think that the support from everyone in the community has done much to aid that and I’m so thankful to everyone 🙂
    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Consistency is Key & the Golden RuleMy Profile