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What Is Nofollow Tag And How To Add Rel Nofollow To A Link

Nofollow tag and “rel nofollow” are two mysteries for bloggers. Today I’ll explain what is nofollow tag, how to add “rel nofollow” to a link and which links should have this tag added to them. Please read this article, because it is very important that you should start implementing this strategy on your blog or […]

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Is Your Blog Mobile Friendly – A New Ranking Factor

The clock is ticking. You have until April 21st, 2015 to make sure that your blog or website is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile-friendly or mobile responsive after that time, you may be cutting your own throat (figuratively speaking). Let me explain. Mobile Friendliness – A New Ranking Factor A few days […]

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google penguin 3 update

Google Penguin 3 Update – No Worries If You…

The long awaited Goggle update has finally arrived. On Friday Google confirmed that they released Penguin 3 update. It is not as brutal as some of the previous updates. Once again this update targets sites that are deemed spammy, particularly the sites that still violate Google’s guidelines about linking. Just to refresh your memory, Penguin […]

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on page seo link building

On Page SEO – Importance Of Internal Links

It never ceases to amaze me to still come across excellent blog posts without a single internal link. Internal linking is the basis of on page optimization. As a matter of fact I truly believe that it should be one of our fundamental practices for optimizing our posts and pages. What many bloggers don’t understand […]

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LSI keywords

LSI Keywords – Latent Semantic Keywords – What Is It

Sometimes blogging terminology sounds so complicated that it just about compels one to throw up his hands in despair. A prime example are the terms: LSI, LSI keywords or latent semantic keywords. Bloggers will often come across these terms when learning about the principles of search engine optimization and/or best SEO practices for their blog […]

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html sitemap

HTML Sitemap – Why Do You Need One For Your Blog

If you want your visitors to linger on your site and reduce your blog bounce rate you need to help your readers navigate through your site with ease. You need to implement a navigational tool that allows the reader to discover the content of your blog at a glance. An HTML sitemap is the perfect […]

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