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21 Inspirational Quotes About Productivity

Three months have gone by already this year and many people find that their productivity level is beginning to fall despite all their resolutions. Sometimes all it takes are a few inspirational quotes about productivity to get yourself rejuvenated and back on track. And this post aims just at that, to inspire you and set […]

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3 Simple Steps To Increase Productivity And Profitability

In today’s connected, virtual, high intensity reality we live in, it is harder and harder to be really productive. In this article I’ll discuss 3 simple steps to increase productivity and particularly the productivity that leads you to make money. Most of us are already working at our maximum, hardly having any time to even […]

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3 Intangibles For Successful Online Business

When I first started online I learned something quite powerful and something that eventually paved my road to online success. I say eventually, because it took me a while to really understand the concept. Not because the concept is difficult to comprehend, but because I, like many other bloggers and online marketers, failed to fully […]

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Motivational Goal Setting Quotes

A couple of days ago I wrote an article about how to set goals for success. Today I wanted to share with you 10 motivational goal setting quotes that will help you stay motivated throughout the year. Without goals your dreams will only remain wishful thinking. If you have not yet set up your goals […]

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How To Set Goals For Success

Many people work hard these days. But realistically and despite all that hard work, most people never get where they once wanted to be and they never even come close to what they once thought was worthwhile. In this article I will show you how to set goals for success and realize your dreams. The […]

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Way To Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Every year on January first almost 50 percent of people make New Year’s resolutions. Most of these resolutions are broken by the following day or at most the following week. By the end of the year only about 8 percent of the people would have kept their resolutions. Whether you make the new resolutions on […]

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Marie Forleo Interviews Arianna Huffington – Video

Marie Forleo Interviews Arianna Huffington – Video

I just finished watching a very inspirational video where Marie Forleo interviews Arianna Huffington (the president and the editor in chief of Huffington Post). In the interview they discussed Arianna’s newest book Thrive – The Third Metric To Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder. During the interview they talked about […]

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Your culture is your brand

My 10 Favorite Internet Marketing Quotes To Inspire You

Internet marketing or online marketing is an effort to communicate a message or messages about your company, your products or your services to potential customers online with the ultimate outcome – sales of your product. Thousands of people join the online bandwagon but many fail to make a go of it and fail to make […]

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