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how to create a table of contents

How To Create A Table Of Contents In WordPress

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to create a Table of Contents in WordPress. Having a Table of Contents (TOC) is a great way to help your readers and search engines navigate through long pages and multi-page tutorials or guides. I have decided to write this post because a number of readers commented […]

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page jumps

Page Jumps – Jumping From Page To Page

So you want to know how to create page jumps and particularly you want to know how to format jumping from page to page. The reason you need this is because you have created a tutorial of various topics, with each topic on a different page. Upon completing a tutorial, you want your readers to […]

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center youtube video

How To Center YouTube Video URL In WordPress

Centering YouTube videos is a real problem for most bloggers. To make the matters worse, there is a different method for centering embedded videos and for centering a video using the YouTube URL. In the previous post I showed you how to center embeds (both images and videos) and today I will show you how […]

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jump to top of page

How To Jump Or Link To Top Of Page HTML

In the last article I showed you how to jump or link to a specific text location within a blog post or a page. In this article I would like to show you a simple technique you can implement. if you want your readers jump to top of page or a post, or for that […]

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