Inspiring Story About Building Relationship With Customers

Building realtionship with customersToday I would like to share with you a true inspiring story that happened to me. The reason I wanted to share this story is because the event had a great impact on me. It confirmed in my mind that successful internet marketing is all about building relationships with your customers first and foremost.

If you are already involved in online marketing, you likely heard that the money is in the list. If you are just starting, take a good notice of this phrase.

Indeed, all successful internet or affiliate marketers will tell you that The Money Is In The List.

But just having a list is not enough.

Your online business and your internet marketing financial prosperity is directly proportional to the number of “happy” subscribers you have on your mailing list.

In other words, the performance of your online business depends not on the number of subscribers on your list but on the number of subscribers who trust you, believe in you and who are willing to follow your recommendations. That loyalty translates into sales and income for you.

In recent months promotional emails have gotten out of hand. How many times, recently, has your email box exploded into almost unmanageable levels? I have been receiving offers from the same marketers sometimes twice and even three times per day.

Have internet marketers gone out of their minds? Has greediness gotten the best of them?

I became so annoyed by this trend that I have become ruthless and unsubscribed from anyone who overstepped the boundaries of customer respect (myself being their customer). I am sure that other customers feel the same.

Continuously bombarding subscribers with promotional emails is not a way to build a business!

An internet marketer needs to build a list of followers, that become loyal customers. You can do that easily by developing great relationship with your subscribers. You need to build a relationship that is based on honesty, trust, respect and understanding. If you can develop such a relationship, your list will only consist of loyal customers and you will become successful irrespective of the size of your list.

A Valuable Lesson About Building A Relationship With Your List

Some time ago I crossed path with an excellent internet marketer and a WordPress plugin developer, Mark Hess. I became a subscriber to his updates. He is well respected by the online community and his modestly priced products are first class and worth every penny.

At some point I came across an interesting WordPress plugin he was promoting on WSO (Warrior Special Offers). I did not purchase the plugin right away and when I finally returned to the WSO to purchase it, the offer was closed. I was really disappointed.

I decided to contact Mark through the list. I explained that I missed his offer on WSO and asked him if there still was a chance to buy his plugin.

Within an hour, he responded. His response was short, just a “Hi Dita”, a download link and the license key to the plugin.

I was surprised by his response, thinking that perhaps he misunderstood and thought that I already purchased the plugin but that I did not get the link and the key (it does sometimes happen online).

I emailed him back and explained to him that I never purchased the plugin and that I would like to pay him for it.

Within minutes he shot me an email back. He wrote that the plugin was a gift to me and that I should enjoy it. I was so touched that I almost got teary eyed. No one has ever done that for me!

Mark’s action taught me a very valuable lesson on nurturing a relationship with one’s email list. For me, this lesson was a keeper and one that I will strive to adhere to throughout my internet marketing career.

To be successful online, an internet marketer must have an email list. But the list in itself is not enough. The list needs to consist of loyal following. To ensure that the subscribers will remain loyal to you and will remain on your list, you need to build a good relationship with your customers or potential customers.

What Mark Hess did was a perfect  example of building a relationship with a subscriber. He clearly showed me that he is a real person, a man with integrity and someone I can trust. You can bet I’ll be his long term loyal supporter.

I am not suggesting that everyone should run out and start giving out free products to their subscribers. I am suggesting that our actions and interactions with our subscribers have to come from our hearts. If we do that, we too will become successful internet marketers and our online businesses will prosper.