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Sometimes you get into a rut and completely run out of blogging ideas for content of your blog. In the past I have written a number of articles on different sources for blog content. Another of my favorite source of blogging ideas for my blog content, which I haven’t mentioned yet, is to find out what other people are writing about or sharing with regards to my topic of interest.

The simplest way to find out what is new and what is talked about is to check the indexes or table of contents of popular books that have been published on the topic.

But who has time to visit bookstores and sit there in the corner, pouring over books, and writing notes. I have a simpler suggestion. Instead, dash over to and do the research there.

How To Get Blogging Ideas For Content From Amazon

1. At the website, select the topic (or the keywords) you are interested in, from their gazillion publications. In the search bar select books and type the keyword in the field.

2. search results will provide you with the list of books related to your search term. The best selling books will be at the top of the list. Click on one of them. You will come to the sales page for the book.

For the purpose of this post we will take a look at a “diet” topic and choose a book called Mediterranean Diet for Beginners.

Image 1. Mediterranean Diet For Beginners book at

blogging ideas from Amazon

At the top of the book notice a prompt “Look inside“. When you click on it, the book will open up and you will be able to to have a sneak preview of what is in the book. (To see how it looks in real life, click this link here to go there…) When you click on “Look Inside”, Amazon will provide you with a Table of Contents and usually a few pages of actual content from the book. You are interested in the “Contents”.

Image 2. Exploring Contents For Blogging Ideas

source of blogging ideas

Any good book will have a well defined Table of Contents. Image 2. only shows a portion of the titles. In this particular example, the book has 8 chapters and twice as many titles, or chapter headings, than I am showing here.

That is where you can get ideas for the post content for your blog. Go through the different titles and select the ones that appeal to you and that will appeal to your blog readers. In this example, the ideas are numerous.

What is important to remember is that these titles are only to inspire you. Do not copy them word for word. That’s not cool. Change them around to reflect your own thoughts, ideas and compatibility with your blog.

When you go through the titles in books, you get inspired and unstuck. Usually I explore the Content for a few minutes, read through the titles and suddenly I am hit with my own ideas. It seems like a whole new world opens up to me. When I am stuck, I often find that the Amazon research gives me a boost and starts my juices flowing.

Sometimes when you will not find what you are looking for at Amazon, explore your own library at home, or as a last resort, visit one of the bookstore superstores. They usually have nice lounge chairs where you can gather all the books, get comfortable and get inspired.

It is interesting how after you pour over the books, you just explode with content ideas that lead you to coming up with more and more ideas for your blog content. It’s like a waterfall.

It is not cheating because we get ideas from the media, books we read, blogs we visit, videos we watch, social media and talking to people among others.

So if you are stuck for blogging ideas for content to write about in your posts, hop over to Amazon and give it a try. Get inspired and start creating fresh content on your blog. Let me know how this works for you, in the comments below.

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