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15 Grammar Goofs To Avoid In Your Blog Content [Infographic]

Proper grammar and spelling has lost its importance as speed of typing takes over when texting or messaging. While it may be considered fair game to bend the grammar rules while texting our friends, when obvious grammar rules are broken in your post it may make your article lose its effectiveness. This article points out 15 grammar goofs you could easily avoid in your blog content.

Most bloggers are occasionally  guilty of mistyping a word here and there. If the misspelled words represent a correct spelling of another word the spell check editors are not going to detect it. This is embarrassing but forgivable.

But when you consistently mix up “your and you’re” or “there, their and they’re” it makes you look goofy and your posts (or email) look bad and may even cause you lose your credibility.

We need to be careful when we write. The infographic below describes the typical grammar goofs to avoid. It provides examples of how to properly use the common culprits including some of the commonly misspelled words.

15 Grammar Mistakes That Make Your Blog Look Goofy


15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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Content creation is an important part of your online success. Don’t waste it by common grammar mistakes that make you look unprofessional. Proof read, proof read and more proof read your blog content before you hit that “Publish” button. Remember, our words should always leave a good impression on our visitors.

I hope you enjoyed the article and found some useful tips. It would be fun if you could share some of the language goofs or common grammar mistakes you came across.


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One Response to 15 Grammar Goofs To Avoid In Your Blog Content [Infographic]

  1. Troy February 7, 2014 at 6:56 pm #

    The one I often have trouble with is capital vs capitol. I believe capitOl is the building itself right?
    Desert vs dessert is easy in that you have two Scoops of ice cream for deSSert.