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10 Best Blogging Websites – Samples For New Bloggers

If you want to succeed online you will need to do some research and study the popular blogging sites to find out what successful bloggers talk about and how they structure their blogs. To help you, I have selected 10 best blogging websites that exemplify the flexibility of a WordPress blog.

There are millions of blogs already on the internet and thousands of new blogs are published every day. When you enter the Blogosphere the competition is fierce. Examining the websites of top bloggers will give you an idea how to design and develop your blog for blogging success.

Let me qualify, these sites are not necessarily ranking as the best blogging websites online by the standards of powerful ranking giants such as Technorati or Alexa. But these blogs belong to some of the successful bloggers who over the years amassed fortunes with their blogs.

Some of these best blogging websites are very simple others are complex with nice designs. The purpose of my selection is to show you that no matter what the style of your blog is, your blog and your online business can flourish. Look them over, study them and choose the elements that suit your style the best.

 Examples Of The Best Blogging Websites To Examine


BoingBoing Blog

BoingBoing is a relatively simple site using a simple theme WordPress 2012. It ranks as number 18 of the top 100 sites as determined by Technorati. That is a huge achievement and this site is worth looking at.


 Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat Flynn is the creator of Smart Passive Income. Pat Started blogging in 2007. He has a great following. Hundreds of thousands of people visit his blog monthly. The blog is quite simple but it is very easy to navigate though. The tone of his blog is very friendly and reflects family values. His followers trust him, hence his great success.



Problogger Blog

Darren Rowse, a former church minister, is Problogger.  He joined the Bloggosphere in 2002 and since he has never looked back. His love of writing, blogging and helping people made him what he is today. The Problogger blog is a relatively simple WordPress blog that serves its readers well. His blog receives tenth of thousands of visitors daily.

Cutest Paw

Cutest paw Blog

This is an example of a popular image blog. Notice that from the home page the blog does not appear monetized. When you check individual post you will see that monetization  is there.


Viral Viral Videos

ViralVideos Blog

Viral Videos is, as the name suggests, a video site. It has a completely different feel from the typical internet marketing theme. Just like the PlayStation Blog below it has a playful and bold background.


  PlayStation Blog

Playstation Blog

PlayStation Blog is a well done, picturesque site and appropriate for what it represents. PlayStation also ranks in the top 100 blogs as per Technorati.



Uproxx Blog

Uproxx is a “what’s buzzing” blog. It reminds me of a tabloid but it is of much better quality. It is a “news” site and it has a following. I imagine that to produce such a site must be very time consuming. There is no fluff on the site, no spectacular design but it obviously delivers.


Cookin’ Canuck

Cookingcanuck Blog

Cookin’ Canuck is a tasteful blog, both in looks and in recipes. It is a cooking blog with a lot of following. I like that it is not over-designed.


La Tartine Gourmande

La Tartine Gourmande Website

La Tartine Gourmande is another blog related to cooking. It is more picturesque than the Cokin’ Canuck but still presents itself as a tasteful and elegant blog. The theme is likely custom made but it is based on the previously default 2011 WordPress theme.



Mediaite Blog

Mediaite is another site for news, information and smart opinions about print, online and broadcast media, offering original and immediate assessments of the latest news as it breaks. This site is also among the top 20 blogs rated by Technorati.


These 10 websites represent the 10 best blogging websites for a new blogger to examine. I could have chosen spectacular blogs with amazing designs but that would not serve the purpose of what I wanted to relay in this article.

Of the 10 best blogging websites I selected, most are informational. I gave you some examples of great internet marketing sites, image and video site, news sites, niche sites and a hobby site. It seems to me that fresh and interesting blog content is what draws people to visit a blog, rather than a flashy design. If you will provide fresh and interesting information on your new blog you will also succeed. With that said, if you have not done so yet, let me show you how to start a blog.

By the way if you know of a great blogging website and if you would like to add it to this list, please add it in the comment section below and I’ll have a look at it.


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