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how to start a blog

How To Start A Blog Step-By-Step Guide

In this How To Start A Blog step-by-step guide I will show you how to set up a blog and when you’ll complete setting it up, you’ll be amazed how simple it is to start a blog. Many people want to create a blog but stay away from blogging because they believe that the process […]

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WordPress tutorial introduction

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

In previous tutorials we went through the background information and instructions you needed to start a blog. In this WordPress Tutorial for beginners segment you will learn how to install WordPress, how to customize your newly installed blog, including how to make it “pretty” and efficient. You will also learn about categories, plugins, widgets, navigation […]

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my successes keep me smiling

My Successes Keep Me Smiling – My InternetProfits Maker

InternetProfits, aka iPro, has changed my life. As I listened to today’s weekly webinar for iPro members, I realized how fortunate I was to “bump” into Dean Holland, way back when, when I first enrolled in his introductory course the, Quick Start Challenge. Subsequently I joined his InternetProfits, Big Commission Blueprint, and since then my […]

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the millionaire's brain

The Millionaire’s Brain – What Is It About: Review

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review The Millionaire’s Brain program by Winter Valko and Alvin Huang. I was pleased to do that for two reasons. First, I believe in self-help and I truly enjoy reading such books and extracting information to help me improve my life and business. Second, lately my online blogging […]

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blog traffic solutions

Simple Traffic Solutions Review – Traffic Billionaire’s Secrets

When a billionaire business man spills his guts about his business, every entrepreneur eagerly gobbles up his ideas. When a traffic billionaire reveals his traffic secrets, well… When John Thornhill, a marketer who enjoys billions (no, this is not a mistake) of visitors to his sites released his Simple Traffic Solutions course, many who had […]

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how to add a zip file to a website

How To Add A Zip File To Your Website For Download

I have created a video about how to add a zip file to your website for downloading. In this post, in addition to the video, I will give you a step by step written demo of the process of adding a zip file to your blog through the file manager. When you want to create […]

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how to add banner ads in WordPress

How To Add Affiliate Banner Ads In WordPress Blog

I have often been asked how to add affiliate banner ads in a WordPress blog. In today’s post I will show you how to add banner ads under the header and also how to add banners into the widgets on the sidebar. As well, I will show you how to copy the affiliate banner ad […]

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how to customize bullet points featured image

How To Customize Bullet Points In WordPress

Knowing how to customize bullet points in WordPress editor will often make your article content easier to read. Customized bullet points help to organize the content and make the content more attractive to your blog visitors. As a result, the readers will have a tendency to linger on and even explore your blog further. Today […]

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quotes about productivity featured image

21 Inspirational Quotes About Productivity

Three months have gone by already this year and many people find that their productivity level is beginning to fall despite all their resolutions. Sometimes all it takes are a few inspirational quotes about productivity to get yourself rejuvenated and back on track. And this post aims just at that, to inspire you and set […]

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increase productivity

3 Simple Steps To Increase Productivity And Profitability

In today’s connected, virtual, high intensity reality we live in, it is harder and harder to be really productive. In this article I’ll discuss 3 simple steps to increase productivity and particularly the productivity that leads you to make money. Most of us are already working at our maximum, hardly having any time to even […]

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What Is Nofollow Tag And How To Add Rel Nofollow To A Link

Nofollow tag and “rel nofollow” are two mysteries for bloggers. Today I’ll explain what is nofollow tag, how to add “rel nofollow” to a link and which links should have this tag added to them. Please read this article, because it is very important that you should start implementing this strategy on your blog or […]

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things to do after installing wordpress

List Of Key Things To Do After Installing WordPress

After installing a new WordPress blog, the installation comes with default settings which need to be changed. In this tutorial I will give you a list of key things to do after installing WordPress. I will show you which settings you will have to customize or configure right away, so that your new masterpiece looks […]

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how to create a table of contents

How To Create A Table Of Contents In WordPress

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to create a Table of Contents in WordPress. Having a Table of Contents (TOC) is a great way to help your readers and search engines navigate through long pages and multi-page tutorials or guides. I have decided to write this post because a number of readers commented […]

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