Exciting Conclusion Of Challenge To Make Money Blogging

What an exciting challenge to make money blogging this was! I can hardly believe that two months passed since we, a group of friends, embarked on a challenge to find out if we can make money blogging in 60 days with a new or a relatively new blog and a tight budget. The objective was to see if we can make $2000.00 in 60 days, spending only 60 minutes per day blogging and driving free traffic to our blogs.

I am genuinely pleased with my results despite the fact that I only made $1353.14 and did  not reach my goal of $2000.00. The most exciting was the sale of $1000.00 in one day!

I am sure you want to know how I achieved these results so I’ll deviate from my usual format of the blogging challenge to make money report and I’ll talk about the sales first.

Challenge To Make Money Blogging – Final Sales Results

During this blogging challenge I have been making sales consistently. All my sales came from the recommendations of the products that I have used in the past or the ones that I am currently using. All sales were affiliate sales.

Name Of the Product

Simple Traffic Solutions

List Frenzy

Keyword Tool



Partners Program**

Grand Total

Number Of Sales
















 *It may seem silly to include a $0.30 sale from Aweber. But what this sale indicates is that someone signed into Aweber using the $1.00 per month promotion making me a 33% commission. If this person will stay on, the next payment will be about 19.00 an my commission will be $6.27. This is a recurring income, as I will be paid each and every month that person will remain with Aweber. As all marketers need to build their lists most marketers stay with the autoresponder company they first choose and will stay on for a long time. Do you see the potential?

** I will talk about the Partner’s Program below



And The Winner Is…Sort Of

The winner of the highest number of sales was Simple Traffic Solutions. The product is very popular because it is a high quality free traffic course by John Thornhill. The other likely reason for its popularity is that it is insanely low priced at only $4.95. Because of it’s low price my commission was low too and for all 11 sales my commission amounted only to $30.02.

How Only 3 Sales Resulted In $1213 Commission

Let’s turn to the product that yielded me the highest commission, namely $1213.00 and let’s see how I was able to achieve it with only 3 initial sales. But before I’ll do that I will have to give you a bit of a background.

Background Behind My Success

You may have noticed that I use static banners that seem to favor one particular product advertised as “Big Commission Blueprint“. Let me explain what it is all about.

Earlier I took Dean’s course called Big Commission Blueprint . This course only cost me around $19.95 but it helped me turn my business around and led me to success. Since then, I have come to know Dean very well as I continue to work with him. But now I work with him as a “partner”.

At the beginning of this year Dean came up with an amazing and a pretty unique online business plan. Internet Profits Partners and it is unlike any other affiliate program I have seen before.

A typical affiliate program offers a compensation for the front end product. Although an affiliate is making money, the winner is the product owner. Not only does he make a sale, but through the sale he acquires a buying subscriber to his list. It is a well known fact that affiliates drive subscribers to the product owner’s list and the product owner may sell his other products without the affiliate (really the driving force) getting any compensation at all subsequently.

Dean Holland’s new program is an affiliate program but it is unconventional in that it is a true partnership program. As a partner, I am able to generate 50-90% commission on every single product that Dean offers and will continue to produce and offer. The 90% commission is for the Big Commission Blueprint, the front end product (the course that I initially took), as well as additional low cost products. The 50% commission is for the high end products.

Through my ads I currently promote the Big Commission Blueprint because anyone who decides to opt in will get an amazing course on how to make money online. And when you love what you see and hear, you will have an option to opt into the Partner Program.

The reason it is designed this way is to give the marketer an opportunity to get to know Dean and his method of teaching and interacting with people who join any of his programs. I must warn you though, Dean is very thorough, extremely likeable and completely committed to help his followers.

For the partners, Dean and his team developed a very sophisticated sales funnel and follow up sequences to promote all the  products within the partnership. And I, as a partner, benefit from every single sale made immediately or any time in the future. At the present time the price range for the products offered by the partnership program is from $10 to $2500.00

How I Benefited From The Partnership Program

So from my efforts, I made 3 sales. The first sale made me $20.00 commission. The second sale immediately translated into about $47.00 commission. Subsequently, this person bought more products from the program, hence a commission for me of and additional $146.00

My third sale was very interesting. This amazing individual (I got to know him since) initially wanted to purchase the Big Commission Blueprint, but after talking to Dean (who is a very approachable man) eventually opted for the higher end product. And that is how I ended up with a commission of $1000.00 through an ad that advertises a $19.95 course.

Of course, the Partnership Program is not for everyone, because one has to expend serious effort to promote the front end product.  But if you are a serious marketer and want to have a look at the program please do so here.

ipro ad

Challenge To Make Money Blogging – Traffic Results

As you know I started the Challenge on March 13th yet I started my blog on February 13th. Therefore I had to take into account the traffic I generated for the month before I began this project.  All my results and calculations are adjusted to reflect that.

  • Increase in all traffic – 223%
  • Increase in organic traffic – 328%
  • Bounce rate remained at low of 0.99%
  • Page views average – 3.46
  • Average visit duration – 25 minutes

In real terms the traffic averages around 30 visitors per day. I know it is low as 60 minutes is not enough time to drive more traffic and take care of the blog at the same time.

But the results are very encouraging, particularly the significant increase in organic traffic. For me the whole idea is to generate a large number of organic traffic so that even when my other traffic generating methods are not working 100% my site will still be viewed by many visitors.

The fact that the bounce rate continues to remain low, suggests to me that whatever I do on my blog is working as obviously people like to linger on my site and read different articles. An average visit duration of 25 minutes is nothing to smirk about.

Conclusion of my blogging to make money experiment

  1. 60 minutes a day on an online business is not enough. Based on the results, I have to say that 60 minutes per day is not enough. But let’s be reasonable. Any viable online business spends a heck of a lot more time on promoting the products, driving traffic to their products, marketing, blogging and so on. Our group had its limits. And the limit was 60 minutes.
  2. Total budget of $100.00 is bare minimum. We had to adhere to a total budget of $100.00 during the 2 months. That is the basic minimum. So, there was no money left over to promote the products that I have on my blog.
  3. The amount of money you make depends on the products you promote. As you can see from my results, if you promote only affiliate products, the money you make will depend on the price of the product you promote. As well, it will depend on whether there are any subsequent payments past the initial sale. In other words, is the commission only a one time deal, or is there a possibility to grow your income from a single sale as it is done in the partnership program I described above?

In conclusion, I really believe that if one wants to make money blogging (and I am talking about more of a substantial income), one needs to devote more time to this effort. I am not going to start another challenge, but I will definitely spend at least 3 hours daily on my blog writing and driving traffic to it. I will continue to keep you posted.

Now don’t take me wrong, during the “Challenge To Make Money Blogging”, after I spent the 60 minutes, I did not just twiddled my thumbs. I have been learning a lot about list building, creating squeeze and sales pages and many other aspects that will lead to even greater success for my online business. I want to apply what I have learned to grow my list of subscribers substantially, develop a relationship with them and promote products to them that may help them in their online journey.

Finally, irrespective of how much commissions we make, we owe it to our readers to only offer products that we firmly believe are going to help them. Never recommend a product you have not tested yourself just for the sakes of making money. If you do, you will not make it online!

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post and all the posts related to this wonderful challenge to make money blogging. For me it was a great fun! And I also hope that my success will motivate and inspire you. Imagine that even a measly 1 hour of concentrated effort can bring you some financial reward. I’d love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment and if you found this post inspiring please share it with your friends.


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0 Responses to Exciting Conclusion Of Challenge To Make Money Blogging

  1. Susan Velez October 5, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    Hi Dita,

    Amazing results considering you are just using blog commenting and forum marketing. I’ve been using those methods as well and I love them.

    As for the quick start challenge I’ve never heard of it. Sounds like it’s definitely working for you. Awesome results for such a young blog. Good luck on scaling it up, I have no doubt that you will.
    Susan Velez recently posted…58 Free Targeted Website Traffic Links To Increase Your TrafficMy Profile

  2. Roushan sharma October 9, 2013 at 7:49 am #

    Hi Dita,
    as you have said that Exciting Conclusion Of Challenge To Make Money Blogging but is it possible i have been trying so long dear but still there is no traffic in my blog so please suggest me some tips so that i should work on my blog to increase the traffic.
    Roushan sharma

    • Dita Irvine October 22, 2013 at 11:31 pm #

      Hi Roushan,

      sorry to reply this late. I believe that in the conclusion as well as on the first day I provided a link for a great training on how to get traffic to your blog (all free methods). It is taught by John Thornhill ho get billion (not million) hits to his sites, so he really know what he is talking about. The course has a lot of videos and pdfs and it only charges $4.95 for (he created the course in the spring of this year so it is not ancient info as some of the courses offer) It is called Simple Traffic Solutions and you can check it out here.
      Dita Irvine recently posted…How To Build A List Of Subscribers With Aweber Autoresponder My Profile

  3. James N December 3, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    Wow this is impressive! I actually just stumbled across this site while doing some link prospecting and this particular article piqued my interest. I am going to dig through some of the previous articles about the 60 day challenge to see if I can find any good nuggets of information that I can use on my own blog. It would be helpful if you have a challenge roundup with links to all the different posts about the challenge.

    Congrats on the great success. I know you didn’t hit the $2000 but $1300 is still impressive plus you increase the blogs statistics by quite a bit!
    James N recently posted…MayaShop WordPress Theme ReviewMy Profile

  4. Spencer December 29, 2013 at 1:19 pm #

    That is a very impressive amount of money. Congratulations to you on doing this challenge. Maybe I could make that much from blogging. Thanks for sharing.

    Spencer recently posted…The Question should be How Fast Should instead of How Quickly Can You Lose WeightMy Profile