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WordPress tutorial introduction

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

In previous tutorials we went through the background information and instructions you needed to start a blog. In this WordPress Tutorial for beginners segment you will learn how to install WordPress, how to customize your newly installed blog, including how to make it “pretty” and efficient. You will also learn about categories, plugins, widgets, navigation […]

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how to customize bullet points featured image

How To Customize Bullet Points In WordPress

Knowing how to customize bullet points in WordPress editor will often make your article content easier to read. Customized bullet points help to organize the content and make the content more attractive to your blog visitors. As a result, the readers will have a tendency to linger on and even explore your blog further. Today […]

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21 Inspirational Quotes About Productivity

Three months have gone by already this year and many people find that their productivity level is beginning to fall despite all their resolutions. Sometimes all it takes are a few inspirational quotes about productivity to get yourself rejuvenated and back on track. And this post aims just at that, to inspire you and set […]

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